Yoga is an Indian form of physical and mental exercise. In the US, yoga has been very popular and practiced for a very long time. 36 million people regularly practice yoga, according to the survey.People have started practicing yoga as a therapy for many illnesses. A recent study shows that yoga seems to reduce the chances of getting lifestyle diseases. It reduces the occurrence of diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure. These days yoga is helping to treat many illnesses. Practicing yoga for diabetes has proven to be therapeutic.

Supta Matsyendrasana (Lying-Down Body Twist)

In this yoga pose, the body is made to twist while lying down on the floor which massages the internal organs and stimulates the digestive process. It provides the necessary pressure for the gallbladder, pancreas, and liver, among other abdominal organs, to function properly. One of the best yoga poses for diabetes is this one.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

This yoga pose stretches the abdomen muscles. It stimulates and increases the oxygen supply to the digestive organs. Additionally, it tones the muscles in the abdomen and pancreas. It is the best yoga for diabetes and weight loss because it aids in proper digestion of food.

Seated forward bend, or paschimottanasana, is a yoga pose that stretches the shoulders, spine, and liver. Regular practice of this pose increases appetite and helps to reduce weight. It is a must-do yoga for diabetes as it can regulate blood sugar levels by improving digestion.

Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist)

This is a partial spinal twist that raises blood and lung oxygen levels while the person is seated. It encourages the growth of healthy cells and massages the digestive system. Regularly performing this will cure diabetes and many other lifestyle diseases.

Standing in Corpse Pose

This pose will help you wind down from your yoga practice by calming your body and mind.It increases the benefits of the other poses you have in yoga for diabetes. This pose is otherwise called the corpse pose. It helps to rejuvenate the body cells.

Yoga for diabetes not only helps cure diabetes but also many symptoms that come with diabetes.To avoid injury and to get the most out of the practice, it is best to learn this yoga from a yoga trainer. Apart from these postures, doing Pranayama helps to keep diabetes under control and reduce weight. It is also essential to wear the right yoga gear like yoga bra, yoga pants, and use a yoga mat before you start your practice.