Is Kiwi Good for Gestational Diabetes?

Yes, kiwi is good for gestational diabetes. It is one of the fruits that you can consume without a doubt during pregnancy. Let me explain how. Kiwi has low glucose levels that even if you consume more of it you will get only negligible levels of sugar out of kiwi fruits. Secondly, Kiwi has a low glycemic index(GI). This means that the sugar in kiwi fruit gets digested, absorbed and metabolized by the body at a very slow pace causing a very low increase of sugar in the blood. Thus, kiwis are unquestionably beneficial for gestational diabetes. It makes sense that those who have diabetes prefer kiwis over other fruits.

What Is Gestational Diabetes?

During pregnancy, the hormones cause elevated sugar levels in the blood. The pancreas synthesizes more insulin to control increasing blood sugar. But in some cases, the pancreas is unable to secrete more insulin. This causes a steep rise in blood glucose levels leading to gestational diabetes. The beneficial effects of kiwis on gestational diabetes have only recently been discovered.

Why It Is Important to Control Gestational Diabetes?

If you have developed gestational diabetes it is important to keep blood sugar level under control to avoid further complications to yourself and your baby. There is a higher chance of c section and high blood pressure for mothers who have gestational diabetes. Also, the child may have low blood sugar level, respiratory issues and has more chances of developing type2 diabetes later in life. Hence, it is important to keep a check on your gestational diabetes. Of all the fruits, kiwis are beneficial for gestational diabetes because they can control blood sugar levels without interfering with hormones.

How Can You Control Gestational Diabetes by Choosing the Right Food?

Choose foods that have a low glycemic index.

Take whole grains like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, pulses, and legumes. Broccoli, asparagus, courgettes, carrots, brussels sprouts, and mushrooms are not only rich in fiber but also have essential vitamins and minerals. You can have low glycemic fruits such as Kiwi, Cherries, Grapefruit, Dried apricots, pears, apples, oranges, Plums and grapes instead of mud apple, mango, pomegranate which contains simple sugar in higher concentrations. 

We’ll examine why kiwis are beneficial for gestational diabetes.

Why Is Kiwi Beneficial for Gestational Diabetes?

Kiwi’s high vitamin C content makes it beneficial for gestational diabetes. In actuality, it contains more vitamin C than oranges. In addition, it contains greater levels of fiber, potassium, copper, folate, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, kiwis are a must-have during pregnancy.

It has a low glycemic index which helps in regulating blood sugar levels in gestational diabetes. The soluble fiber in kiwi not only controls blood sugar but also protects heart and colon health.

There is also new research that states that eating kiwi helps to slow the absorption of sugar from other foods also. Hence kiwi can be taken with other foods to regulate blood sugar levels effectively. The fiber in kiwi can absorb water and become a gel.As a result, the digestive system takes longer to process it, which causes the bloodstream to release sugar gradually.

Kiwi Breakfast Recipe for Expecting Mothers

Bowl of oatmeal with lemon and kiwis

Lemon is generally not a good addition to oatmeal. However, the mouth always enjoys tangy and sour flavors when pregnant. Here’s the delectable recipe to help mommy and baby immediately stuff sugar’s face.

What You Will Need

200 gm of rolled oats

350ml of water or milk

3 strawberries

1 kiwi peeled and sliced

2 tbsp of lemon juice

Salt as per need


Bring water to boil.

Add oats and mix well.

Simmer the flame and continue to stir.

After 5 minutes add lemon juice and mix well.

Turn off the flame and allow it to cool down a little.

Add the sliced strawberries and kiwi on top.

Your delicious breakfast meal is ready in no time.